Kion Kashefi In Town!

Wait, that’s not Kion, and is this guy protesting or rocking the vote?

Kion Kashefi came down to visit a few weeks ago and what a great time there was to be had. My first question (if you couldn’t guess) was, “Are you hungry? Forget that, I know you are. What do you want to eat? Wait, I’ll pick.” So I guess my first question wasn’t actually a question but a conversation with myself that Kion didn’t even need to be here for. We picked the classic Taco Time Tuesday’s. There isn’t much better than eating tacos until you’re sick. Actually if you stop just before being sick, that’s better. I’m going to remember that for next time.

I just realized that I forgot to take any pictures while Kion was down so instead you get a picture of this protestor. Or voter. Or whatever. I honestly don’t even remember why I took this picture.

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