Justin Sather – Life in Los Angeles

If you are a tourist, Los Angeles may just be heaven for your senses. You can get a taste of Hollywood along with the life of celebrities living in the area, you could shop in Rodeo Drive just like Julia Roberts or you could even get back to being a child and visit Disneyland!

If you think Los Angeles is merely for the entertainment geeks, well you are wrong. Los Angeles gives a tang of fresh air to those seeking for balance between life and work.

Attorney Link Schwartz proves that even when living in a global city like Los Angeles, you can still work and achieve success. Most tourists come in Los Angeles for the entertainment but people like Link Schwartz, along with other celebrities, live in LA to make a living. Schwartz, for one, spends her time helping clients grasp the complexity of family law. Over the borders of entertainment, this city has a strong foundation in international trade, fashion, even in sectors such as technology, education, medicine and research. Having a balanced work and life is definitely one that Los Angeles can offer!

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