About Me

Who is Justin Sather?

Great question, it’s me! I’m from a small town in California named Turlock. I was born and raised here and after “growing up” I wanted to see the world and decide for myself what type of location I wanted to live in. The first stop on this journey is Los Angeles.

Why Los Angeles?

It’s the exact opposite of everything I’ve known in my life so starting with the polar opposite seemed like a good idea. I also love the warm weather and the beach. LA gives me everything I want geographically!

What’s next?

I’m not really sure what is next, maybe the east coast? Florida? NYC? I think it depends on where I can find meaningful work and a new and exciting life for myself.

Isn’t it lonely?

I have only been gone for about 6 months and there have been some lonely times. After being raised in a close knit family, being alone in a huge city is weird. There are people everywhere, but you’re more alone than ever.