Ismail Sirdah

Los Angeles is an incredible city. With more than four million residents, this huge area has a wealth of photography spots. If you search hard enough, you can find some real hidden gems that go beyond the conventional vacation shots.

Photographer Ismail Sirdah says that Los Angeles is one of his favorite US cities to shoot in for its sheer diversity. Here are some of his favorite places to shoot in the City of Angels.

Griffith Observatory

Day or night, the iconic Griffith Observatory is one of the best lookout points you’ll find over the city. Its long balconies provide a great selection of different angles to choose from. And on a clear day, you’ll get views all the way over to the Pacific Ocean.

Santa Monica Pier

There’s no better place for that great California beach look than Santa Monica Pier. You’ll get some incredible sunsets and this is an excellent place to test out your use of silhouettes.

Whether on the pier or by it, there will be some of your favorite shots of the city.

Venice Beach Boardwalk

For a taste of Los Angeles life through a lens head along the Venice Beach boardwalk and start grabbing some stunning pictures. The colorful buildings and an equally colorful cast of locals and tourists will provide you with something new every single time.

Ascot Hills Park

The Ascot Hills Park is one of the newest sections of Los Angeles, after opening up in 2011. Here there are lots of hiking trails that will take you through both canyon scenery and city panoramas.

On the best days, Sirdah can shoot everything from the Hollywood Sign to the notoriously bad LAX Airport.

Behind the Hollywood Sign

From Hollywood Boulevard, the famous Hollywood Sign can seem so far away. Get up close and personal with it by getting behind the sign. If you can get there at dusk, you’ll be able to have the letters set out against the darkness as the floodlights switch themselves on.

It’s possible to hike to the sign, but some of the trails can be taxing if you have a bunch of camera equipment.

El Matador State Beach

If you don’t mind the drive, go down the Pacific Coast Highway to El Matador. It’s on the coast of Malibu and is just another example of the diverse array of landscapes you’ll come across in Los Angeles.

These interesting rock formations and white sand will give you some of the best pictures you’re likely to shoot during your stay.

Urban Light

The final entry on this list is Urban Light at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. 202 street lamps from the 1920s and 1930s have been restored and arranged in a grid formation. Circle around this forest of lights and get some shots that you’re not going to find anywhere else!

After all, the key to great photography is to shoot a perspective that others have missed out on.


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