10 Best Cosmetic Surgeons in Los Angeles

Undergoing a procedure of cosmetic nature is one of the most common surgical endeavors nowadays. Whether it is to spot-reduce fat through maneuvers like liposuction or something else, people are realizing that these nearly risk-free surgeries are the easiest way to fix any unwanted physical flaws. For those that reside in Los Angeles, however, there are enough plastic surgeons to turn a simple decision of picking a specialist into a nightmare. To that end, below is a comprehensive list of the top ten locations you may need to consider.  For more options, check out the 10 best Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. There is no particular order as every office is equipped with qualified and experienced professionals.

Profiles Beverly Hills

Located in the heart of Los Angeles at the West Sunset Boulevard, Profiles specializes in Rhinoplasty that is provided by a surgeon duo that includes Dr. Peyman Solieman and Dr. Jason Litner. Both of these individuals have over 10 years of education while their experience adds another decade to their overall career length. If combined, they hold prominent awards like the Cody Gold Medal, multiple U.S. medical device patents, and have written popular books in their area of expertise.

Rady Rahban, M.D.

With a graduate degree from the University of California in Los Angeles, Dr. Rahban is one of the natives of this area. He fluently speaks and comprehends three languages that include English, Spanish, and Farsi. This enables him to help a wide client base that has nothing but positive reviews for his services. Having started his career with notable distinguishments like summa cum laude, he is now known as the person that other professionals refer to in case of emergencies.

Beverly Hills Body

Led by Dr. Richard Ellenbogen, a board-certified expert in plastic and reconstructive surgery, Beverly Hills Body provides services like facelift, eyelid surgeries, and neck rejuvenation. As a three-times fellow, Dr. Ellenborgen holds countless awards and has been featured in many prominent media outlets to express his professional views. Due to his talents, he has visited both South Africa and Israel as a guest speaker.

Dr. Usha Rajagopal

Unlike any of the other doctors mentioned on this list, Dr. Usha Rajagopal holds an all-female office that guarantees a sensitive approach derived from two decades of experience. Her office contains features like Vectra-3D Imaging, Femilift, and Coolsculpting that many others are still working to get a hold of. As with most other people featured here, Dr. Usha Rajagopal is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She is also known for her community contributions like the scholarship that she annually opens to the students around the United States.

Geoffrey R. Keyes, M.D.

Having served as the President of the California Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Keyes knows everything from simple procedures to how to properly run this industry. His knowledge has helped him land interviews with CNN, FoxNews, and even the Wall Street Journal while his patients continue to expand his practice with positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Marina Plastic Surgery

Featuring a modern design and state-of-the-art tools make this office stand out when it comes to any medical facility. It is led by three doctors who have partnered to help individuals address any physicals imperfections. These include Dr. Grant Stevens, Dr. Luis Macias, and Dr. Ziyad S. Hammoudeh. The fact that there are three qualified professionals is what makes this office very dangerous to compete with.

Dr. Gabriel Chiu

Working out of the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Dr. Chiu provides patients with a judgment-free zone where all of their wishes will be approached systematically and thoroughly. Platforms like Vogue, Bazaar, and Everything Entertainment have featured reviews that pertain to this particular location as it is one of the leaders of the local market.

Rivkin Westside Aesthetics

Located on the outskirts of Wilshire Boulevard, Dr. Rivkin’s office is one of the best alternatives to surgical procedures. Patients who come here will experience a wide range of improvements that will match those achieved with surgery. Nonetheless, there will be no invasive maneuvers whatsoever. The way positive outcomes are achieved is based on many different therapeutic techniques with minimum risks.

Eugene Kim, M.D.

With another alternative in Beverly Hills, people will definitely have a lot of options to review. Dr. Eugene Kim, a double board-certified plastic surgeon, also operates in this area. Besides helping countless patients, Dr. Kim currently teaches at the University of California. Some of his best skills are in the area of tummy tucks, facelifts, and breast augmentations.

Ghavami Plastic Surgery

To finalize this list, which could undoubtedly keep going with many other successful doctors in LA, Dr. Ashkan Ghavami must be introduced. He is yet another Beverly Hills-based professional that specializes in reconstructive surgery. Patients who had the pleasure of utilizing this facility for their procedures often praise Dr. Ghavami and his staff for their compassionate care and custom-made plans.

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