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There are so many great banks around the United States that it is hard to figure out which one is truly the best. Each bank has different services to offer that fit appeal to specific individuals. Large urban cities like Los Angeles are filled with many different kinds of financial institutions. Here is a list of some of the greatest banks in Los Angeles (in no particular order):

1) California Bank & Trust

California Bank & Trust first opened for business in 1998 as a merging bank. Just one year after opening, the bank grew large enough to purchase Fresno, California-based Regency Bank. Two years after that California Bank & Trust picked up Eldorado Bancshares. To this date, the bank holds over $11 billion in assets and has at least one hundred functioning branches. There is a total of 1700 employees managing all of the branches.

2) City National Bank

This bank is headquartered in the City National Plaza in Los Angeles, California. As of September 2014, City National Bank holds roughly $35 billion in assets. This bank offers a variety of services including banking, investing, and trust. As many banks in California continue to merge or close down, City National Bank has grown to be one of the largest, if not the largest, financial institution in Los Angeles. This bank has been able to sponsor movie events and build relationships with media companies.

3) First General Bank

First General Bank is independently owned and operated in Los Angeles. Several of the bank’s owners have ties to FGB’s service area. As of December 2016, the bank has reached $840 million in assets.

4) Golden Security Bank

Golden Security Bank is a private institution specializing in real estate loans. This bank opened its doors for the first time on August 27, 1982. It was originally built in Chinatown, Los Angeles, but recently moved to Rosemead, California in 2005.

5) New Resource Bank

New Resource Bank is covered by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. This bank specializes in loans and deposit products. Personal banking is also included in the list of services this bank offers. New Resource was opened in 2006 and has over 200 shareholders.

6) Pacific Capital Bancorp

This bank was created in 2002 and grew to operate 49 locations in Los Angeles and San Jose, California, before being acquired by Union Bank in 2012.

7) Universal Bank

Universal Bank is an overseas Chinese financial institution headquartered in America. There are many different branches open around the Los Angeles area. They focus on providing mortgage loans and financing for real estate projects. Their target audience is Chinese/Asian immigrants living in Los Angeles.

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