What to Expect When Starting a Floating Dock Construction Project in Los Angeles

Floating docks are very popular along the east and west coast and perhaps scattered throughout the American Midwest. California is well suited for a beautiful floating structure like the impressive floating docks built today. They’re very necessary for many applications, and provide a well suited balance along Los Angeles’ coastline.

The Purpose of a Floating Platform

For those who may be familiar with floating platforms the myriad of uses may be surprising. Think about the ease of cleaning a floating vessel like a small boat or even a yacht as a dock allows for a boat to pull in safely. Docks allow for extension of existing platforms allowing access of waterways without limiting the size or design of the dock itself. Well designed docks also allow for more access of floating devices allowing for many users on the waterway. Popularity of water sports has increased the demand of floating docks allowing access to limited real estate.

Benefits of a Floating Dock

  • Easily repositioned or removed
  • Affordability
  • Quick installation
  • Dock construction floats: vertical distances remain same
  • Low maintenance
  • Modular systems
  • Multiple design options

Few common designs

  • Conventional floating boat platform
  • L-shaped
  • T-shaped
  • U-Shaped

Considerations Before Dock Construction

  • Furniture a possibility
  • Is fishing desirable
  • Will people jump off the platform
  • Size and congestion of other floating devices
  • Sporting events

Expectations During Construction

Rumors shouldn’t dictate decisions regarding the commitment to construction of any structure. Docks require maintenance, inspections, replacing parts, staining wood, and many other headaches created upon decision to have one in the first place. This is where floating docks are incredibly desirable, and the outcome is not the disaster most would believe.

There is nothing wrong with stationary platforms however, a floating apparatus does harbor practical benefits. When the construction begins it best to go with the professionals when purchasing a floating structure. Once a structure, after design and material is designated, is fully operational the lasting impression of the completed structure will not disappoint.

There are many professional builders to choose from and one in particular stands out when it comes to floating construction. Decks & Docks Lumber Company has several locations and countless completed projects over the years proving expertise in waterway construction. The availability to utilize their multiple locations allows for a vast array of planning, decision making, and completion of any project requested in the United States including California.

If You Need, We’ll Get It There

That is their motto and Decks & Docks Lumber Company will find the location, ship products, and find a location suitable for your needs anywhere and anytime. They provide a wide variety of lumber products including composite if this is a request along with local service wherever you may be located. Consider professional advice and suggestions before you decide on your next purchase

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