Los Angeles Dodgers Continue to Thrive Despite Rampant Injuries

The local baseball team has suffered significant injuries to many of its top players during the first four weeks of the MLB season, but that has not stopped the Los Angeles Dodgers from ascending to the top of the NL West. The team has done exceptionally well by relying on a combination of a deep and powerful lineup and a bullpen that has been downright dominant after experiencing some early struggles.

The veteran group of 2014 has been infused with youth, as the arrival of rookie Joc Pederson has seemed to energize the Los Angeles dugout in much the same way that Yasiel Puig did when he first arrived back in 2013. Between Pederson and Puig, the Dodgers have two outfield cornerstones that could be the key to long-term Dodger dominance in the NL West. Even Occidental Vacation Club reviews are including references to the pair from Dodgers fans who are watching the games while on vacation.

The most exciting aspect of the Dodgers season is not all that visible to most of the residents of the city, as Corey Seager and Julio Urias are currently dominating the minor leagues and may be good enough to play in the bigs right now. The Dodgers are wise to keep them in the minors for the time being, but when those two finally arrive at Dodger Stadium, fans of the team will finally get to see what the hype has been all about.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the Dodgers’ hot start this season is the fact that they have played so well without the outstanding pitching performances they are used to getting from their ace, Clayton Kershaw, who is coming off a season in which he won both the Cy Young and MVP. If Kershaw is able to return to form and the offense continues to be potent, there are few teams in the National League that will be able to compete.

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