In Los Angeles With Eric Capolino

I Eric Capolino recently visited the great city of Los Angeles. Hollywood was a filled with many different sites, from wax museums,  Chinese theater, Walk of fame, and the imprints of all the famous movie stars.





Upon seeing all these sites I came across one of Los Angeles Eric Capolino famous food sites, the famous taco trucks. Unlike most taco trucks this one served mac n’ cheese with nachos on top! If ever there was a place that served such amazing food along with having good sites and tourist attractions it would be here. Eric Capolino was lost for a while in the crazy traffic while heading north on the I-5.Santa_Monica_Pier


So many people all trying to get out of the city and head to the bay area. I couldn’t leave the city without first going to Santa Monica’s amazing beach. While on the beach I saw many different people groups from all over the world, it reminded me how small the world was and how diverse this city is. Eric Capolino In Los Angeles is an Amazing place to be.







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