Justin Sather – Life in Los Angeles

Twitter has become one of the most popular web-based forms of entertainment and communication in out world today, in fact combining those two characteristics, “entertainment and communication”, is what we call social media. When you socialize with a friend it is usually over a meal or some type of entertainment right? And that is the difference between physical socializing and digital communication, though digitally socializing lacks the personal touch, it has made some leaps and bounds over the years. If you venture almost anywhere in Los Angeles you cannot help but notice how busy it is, so to avoid all that you can check out whats happening on the scene without even being there;on Twitter or a million other social media websites.In a way these brilliant websites enables you to have a proxy, especially if you have a close busy body friend that has an active account.

Try it the next time you are out and about or visiting the City of Angels and do not want to go a place that you think maybe too busy or overcrowded. Just look for people at that location at that moment and see what they are saying about the traffic and the so-called place, you’ll be amazed on the feedback you get. Or just for fun see whats going on at the Dodger game, a die hard fan might give you better updates than the sportscasters do. See how the shopping traffic is at the downtown outlets. Don’t be afraid to use Twitter to your advantage. Happy Tweeting!


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