Justin Sather – Life in Los Angeles

Where Las Vegas is the city to where stars retire to, Los Angeles is the city where most begin on the road to stardom. The massive city of opportunity stretches approximately 342 miles which is a distance a guy I’ve always liked and followed, Jeff Halevy, wouldn’t mind running I’m sure. 

Las Angeles’ smog season, which is something that I’ve never experienced being from the South, lasts from May to October and while other large cities in America depend on rain to clean the smog out of the atmosphere, Los Angeles gets only an average of 15 inches of rain a year. Smog, caused my pollution, is expected to keep decreasing in the years to come with strict steps enforced to reduce it.

Another thing about Las Angeles that is totally different for me, a small town southern guy, is that the entire economy is driven by mainly by entertainment and tourist and the city is major in manufacturing, in fact, it is the largest manufacturing city in the west.

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