The weather in Los Angeles, home of one Adam Kutner, is just about perfect throughout the year, so seasonal changes do not do much to alter the recreational opportunities available to residents and visitors alike. Venice Beach will always be filled with interesting characters, tourists will always be flocking to Hollywood to catch a glimpse of the stars, and surfers will always be trekking just a bit north to Malibu in the hopes a finding a solid break that is not too crowded. But there is one place in Los Angeles that is somewhat seasonal, and it is worth visiting even if a sporting event is not necessarily of interest.

Dodger Stadium, one of the oldest and most historic baseball stadiums in the country, is home to the Los Angeles Dodgers. There is nothing quite like an evening at the stadium located in Chavez Ravine, and it is even better if Vin Scully, the longtime Dodgers broadcaster going back to their days in Brooklyn, can be listened to on the radio while he calls the game. It is highly recommended that after visiting the Venice boardwalk and checking out the Santa Monica pier, visitors to Los Angeles should head on over to Dodger Stadium to experience one of baseball’s great cathedrals.

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