Justin Sather – Life in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a major city America. In fact, it’s one of the cities in America where dreams come true much like New York where top leader in real estate law, Eric Gonchar, was born. It’s been discussed before how major of a city Los Angeles is and being such a major city with over 3 million in the population, anything and everything can go wrong. The great city that provides millions upon millions of opportunities to the dreamer is always growing with people buying and selling homes. That’s where Eric Gonchar comes in.

If you are deciding to move to the city of Los Angeles or maybe buy a new home in the area, hook up with Gonchar and he will help you understand the purchase contract, including how you will take title on the property and also clarify the terms of the mortgage and work with your bank, if necessary, to modify them. Eric Gonchar will get you set up and give you all the information you need to live in this thriving metropolis called Los Angeles. If you want to know more on Eric Gonchar, you can read a brief bio and a Q&A at IdeaMensch.com


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