There are many reasons that Los Angeles is an attractive city for residents and visitors alike as the city is among the most unique places in the United States. While people come to Los Angeles for the arts and culture, the beaches or just the unique inhabitants who live in the area, the city is also ideal for those who are dealing with a sports injury and must endure the rehabilitation process. It may seem somewhat odd to view the city in this way, but that is exactly what Dr. Andrew Carver, a podiatrist, sees whenever he makes the trek from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

It should not come as much of a surprise that a California foot doctor would see the state through this sort of lens, but the podiatrist believes that Los Angeles is one of the best cities in the United States for recovering from a sports injury for a variety of reasons. Noting that Washington DC has received similarly positive reviews, Dr. Carver points out that Los Angeles possesses a variety of characteristics that can be quite beneficial to the recovery process that follows a sports injury, especially one that affects the foot.

If a patient needs to avoid weight-bearing exercise, for example, swimming in the Pacific Ocean is an option when the water is warm enough. When the Pacific is too cold, patients can easily make use of the countless gyms in Los Angeles that include swimming pools as a part of its workout facility. The cycling community is also quite strong in Los Angeles, so patients can also take advantage of yet another type of athletic activity that does not include weight-bearing exercise.

Dr. Carver also notes that podiatry is a field that is represented well in Los Angeles. The strength of the professional community also enables patients to take advantage of the variety of health services throughout their recovery process and can benefit from expert assistance and advice in the event that they experience a setback or if they feel they are progressing faster than their initial recovery timeline. Finally, the doctor notes that Los Angeles is simply an enjoyable place to be whether an individual has suffered an injury or not, so those who are enduring the rehabilitative process will have plenty to do when they are not focused on their physical therapy and recovery.

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