Justin Sather – Life in Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is known for many things, but cycling is not usually the first thing that comes to mind. While many residents frequently opt for a cycling class at their local gym, the cycling community in Los Angeles is robust and there are many routes that are worth exploring throughout the city.

The number of places that a cyclist can pedal in Los Angeles is as diverse as the number of languages that All Language Alliance, Inc., is able to accurately translate, and cyclists can spend years in Los Angeles without experiencing all of the routes that the city has to offer. The most scenic route, of course, runs along the Pacific Coast Highway and overlooks the ocean for miles and miles of relatively flat roadway.

A cycling trip up to Malibu is always a treat, and many cyclists pedal their way to Zuma Beach as a part of a weekend ride that includes a long break for brunch at one of the many posh restaurants along the coastal community. The sight of cyclists fully clothed in riding gear is no longer a surprise to the socialites who are also dining, and some Malibu residents regularly join these groups as they ride back to Los Angeles.

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