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Behind every successful person is a team of people. Even Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb had a team of people to make his dream and visions a reality. The secret to the success of Arthur Falcone is no different than having a team of business connections or business partners. In 2008, Mr. Falcone started Encore Real Estate Funds with Anthony Avila. Avila was a principal at JMP Securities who ran the investment banking platform for real estate, since 1999 he was also the investment banker for Transeastern Properties. Avila is also founder and Chief Executive Officer of a boutique investment banking firm called Builder Advisor Group that focuses on advising real estate and development companies on financial transactions.

Another business connection of Mr. Falcone is Bill Powers, Managing Principal, Investment Committee Member. Bill Powers excels his expertise in the debt and capital markets a Mr. Powers is also responsible for relationships with institutional investors and the capital markets as well.

Arthur Falcone couldn’t have got to where he is today without the help and support of a few influential people in his life and in his business career.

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