Justin Sather – Life in Los Angeles

With Las Angeles being one of the larger cities in America infamous for it’s divorce rate much like Las Vegas due to the many spur-of-the-moment marriages. Because of this the court has their hands full making Link Schwartz (found here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/linkkschwartzfamilylawattorney) in the right area for business for family law. When it comes to family law, she mainly sets her focus on cases involving divorce, custody disputes, domestic partners, premarital agreements, guardianships, child support matters, post-marital agreements and paternity.

You don’t need me to tell you this concrete jungle of Las Angeles is, well, a jungle indeed. Some times there is hope. Courts have seen that parents often decide to become more involved with there spouse and children after filing for divorce. It’s almost as if they have a “wake up” call and realize they are about to lose themselves in this dispute. Many judges will work with the parent in question to encourage or allow that parent who has been less involved in child care and more of the family financial supporter to become more involved. How does that happen? When the parent shows demonstrated commitment to taking responsibility and being more involved in the children’s lives.


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