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Who would have thought that we would still be using black and white photography after all these years? Everyone assumed that, with the invention of color photography, black and white cameras and pictures would simply fall by the wayside and be forgotten. However, they did not take into account the human drive toward nostalgia. There is something about those old black and white photos that still appeals to many of us. For older people, there is a particularly strong feeling when viewing black and white photographs. It brings up mental associations that are at once both comforting and a little unsettling. It reminds us that the past was real, but also of the fact that it is gone.

One thing you need to consider is filters. Often, you will want a filter that produces a long exposure for your black and whites. You might think that using a color filter will turn your picture into a color photograph, but this is not so. You can use color filters to give your pictures a different tint and to help bring out certain features that may not otherwise be particularly visible. Playing around with the different filters available to you is sure to give you some ideas.

Most cameras will allow you to film something in color and then change it to black and white later. You must carefully consider whether or not you wish to use this option. On the one hand, it will make the process easier. You don’t have to set anything up or tweak your camera settings, and this can be very convenient. However, if you are a purist like me, or if you are someone who wants to produce a photo that looks older than it really is, you should shoot the picture in black and white from the start.

It is also very important to choose a lens that is suited for black and white photography. As with all other accessories, lenses come in many different kinds. It would make no sense to shoot these colorless photos with a lens that is meant to bring out colors. Rather, you should seek out one that is marketed for black and white use.

What you photograph is almost as important as how you photograph it. When choosing subjects, you should focus on objects that are not particularly light or dark. These objects tend to become white or black blurs in the final product. For instance, let’s say you want to photograph a very light-skinned woman in a white dress against a bright summer sky. Probably not the best idea.

If you really want to get into black and white photography with the minimum amount of fuss and trouble, you can simply snap some pictures with your phone and use an app called Monokrom to render it in black and white. There are several other smartphone apps that can accomplish the same thing. While this is certainly not the professional option, it is the easiest one.

As a side note, it is important to get out and live a vibrant life if you truly want to produce vibrant photos. Take, for example, a popular blogger named William Bronchick. William Bronchick is a food and travel blogger who took his passion for fine food and turned it into a career that takes him all over the world. You can bet that he gets a lot of opportunity for good photography…far more than the average person at the very least! This is a good example of the fact that you cannot be a great photographer by sitting at home, taking pictures of the birds in your backyard. You have to get out and live!

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